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Still waiting for the right job to find you?

Launch your career with zero finance industry experience (in 2 minutes)

FREE, no nonsense, personal coaching by a dedicated Striver mentor getting you industry-ready & placed (usually in 6 weeks or less!)

Some of the employers we work with

  • Apt Wealth
  • Apostle Funds Management
  • Freedom Finance Australia
  • Andresen McCarthy Partners
  • Stanford Brown
  • Bongiorno & Partners (NSW) Pty Ltd
  • Evalesco Financial Services
  • Morgans Financial Limited South Yarra

Get your first job in Accounting, Financial Planning and Wealth Management

We know the finance industry inside and out and how competitive it is. Our goal is to help students and graduates like you stand out to break into the industry and meet the right people.

By joining Striver you will get hands-on support to develop and practice your skills, grow your network and get your career started.

And yes, it's completely free for students and graduates.

businesses actively hiring on the Striver platform
students & graduates placed in the last year
higher earnings for candidates that landed a role via Striver

You can get a role with one of the
450+ employers
we work with across Australia

Here are some of the businesses we work with:

Apt Wealth
Apostle Funds Management
Freedom Finance Australia
Andresen McCarthy Partners
Capital Focused Private Wealth
Stanford Brown
Bongiorno & Partners (NSW) Pty Ltd
Evalesco Financial Services
Morgans Financial Limited South Yarra
Advice Evolution

50% of Strivers get placed within 6 weeks.

And that's not just any role. It's the role you want at a business that wants you.

Striver Candidate
"That speedy process was something that I really enjoyed. I think it was about in my second week in,
I got 2 interviews
. Week after that, I had offers from both firms."


Hired in a Client Services role

Striver Business
"It was refreshing to have Striver recommend a few of the most aligned university graduates and within hours of interviewing 2 candidates
hired them both."

Adrian Sibbick

Evolution Cloud Accounting | Director

Don't settle for unpaid internships or roles that don't fit your future ambitions

Whether you have defined your career goals, or wants to explore your opportunities, with Striver you can gain valuable and relevant work.

We believe everyone should get paid, so all the roles we secure are paid. We can help you bargain your contract to match the industry standard - that's why candidates that landed a role via Striver have 20% higher earnings.

Finance photo
Networking events
with people from the industry.

Striver Networking events are your opportunity to get in front of businesses looking for candidates that align with your career goals and ambitions. This is how you get your foot in the door - you get to interact with businesses and other Strivers, learn about different career pathways and understand what roles suit you best.

After the event, businesses that are interested to know more about you will get in touch to organise a more formal interview via Striver.

Finance photo
"A week after I had my profile set up on Striver I attended the networking event.
I had 3 interviews the next week with people from the event.
I ended up taking a job offer from one of them."


Hired in a Financial Planning Assistant role in 11 weeks.

About us

Meet the people launching your career.

Finance photo

Alisdair Barr, Founder & CEO

I can connect you to employers.

Finance photo

Whitney Wilson, Recruitment Lead

I can coach you through interviews.

Finance photo

Melanie Nguyen, Community Lead

I can help you to improve your profile.

Finance photo

Scott Bunny, Partnership & Growth

I can connect you to employers.

How the
next generation
of finance leaders are landing their first start.
Step 1
(2 minutes)

Create your initial profile

Tell us a little bit about you and what makes you tick so we can match you with the most suitable employer.

The whole process was
super easy.
I think I actually did it on my phone. That's how easy it was.


Hired in a Financial Planning Assistant role in 11 weeks.

Finance photo
Step 2
(30 minutes)

Behavioural Interview

You meet with our Recruitment Lead, Whitney, over Zoom to get practical tips on what to improve and what you're already doing well when you're talking to a potential employer for the first time.

This call will give you a confidence boost you need to really nail your next job interview.

It was that sort of meeting where I'm like, "Oh yeah, this could be a
cool experience"


Hired in an Associate Financial Planner role in 5 weeks.

Step 3
(5 minutes)

Fix up your CV

Rocking the same CV since you were 15?

We'll give you feedback and help you update your CV so you can stand out to employers in the finance industry.

They had a good look at my CV,
helped me to fix it
up and matched me with a company that I actually would want to be in.


Placed with a Financial Specialist Administration role in 14 weeks.

Finance photo
Step 4
(2 minutes)

Psychometric assessment

A psychometric assessment is used by employers in the finance industry to measure your suitability for a role.

With Striver, you don't need to take this test every time an employer is considering you for a role - you take it only once and it's available on your profile for all potential employers to review.

Finance photo
Step 5
(5 minutes)

Coaching Call

We will give you feedback on your Psychometric Assessment and have a chat to make sure you're not selling yourself short.

This will ensure you get the best start to your career!

They gave me really good feeback about my psychometric testing and past interviews. This was really the key in me getting two interviews and basically
2 successful roles.


Hired in a Client Services role in 3 weeks.

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Plus, you can do it all on your schedule!

You have full freedom of deciding when you want to complete all the steps of your journey to become a Striver.

Join a community 8,000+ students across Australia that we"ve helped. Get started today.

"Alisdair is fantastic, he is very helpful, supportive and has the best resources to get you motivated and started on your career path. To be honest I hesitated for a year before I contacted Alisdair because I was scared off by the process but he is so friendly and I really enjoyed it, it was actually really easy. As well as getting me
3 interviews in the first week
, I started my new role within 2 weeks, where as on my own I was trying to get interviews for 6 months and nothing. Also you must must must watch his videos!"


University of Melbourne

Join a community of 8,000+ finance students across Australia that we've helped.

Create your Striver profile. It takes 2 minutes and you don't need to wait to get your computer.

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